Arriving at Norman's, Wear Your World Lokai to support the International Rescue Committee. Available May 22 - July 4th, while supplies last. Read the Full Story to learn more about lokai.


lokai is a wearable reminder to find balance. Carrying water from Mt. Everest and mud from The Dead Sea - the highest and lowest points on Earth - the bracelet reminds us to remain humble during life's highs and hopeful through its lows.

New for 2017: Black & White lokai pair 
How it works:
After you purchase your Black & White lokai pair, scratch off the silver portion of your tag to find your unique code. Log on to lokai.com/mycause to learn more about each cause. Enter your code when prompted and choose which cause to support. Choose from Animal Protection, Autism, Environment, Pediatric Cancer, Heart Disease or Alzheimer's. #choosetochange


Also from lokai: limited edition Orange lokai to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Help stop the stigma and stand with millions who live with mental health conditions.

Introducing limited edition 2017 green lokai to benefit The Nature Conservancy. 1 Green Lokai = 1 Tree Planted. While supplies last.

Classic lokai, available at all Norman's stores.